Floral Soft Rose Swim hairband


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Hairband in UV protection fabric, combine it with swimsuits, swim shirt etc.

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Floral Soft Rose Swim hairband

A summer day at the peer or beach with children catching crabs – is there anything better?

Their enthusiasm when a crab is caught in the net.  The joy of setting it free afterwards and watch it wander back into the ocean.

The children can sit there for hours.  But they don´t have a crab´s protective shield.  And can end up having the same color as their little playmate, auch!

Petit Crabe is a Copenhagen based designer label for children between 0 and 14 years of age. The mission of Petit Crabe is to produce stylish. And comfortable swimwear that both young and older children will love to wear. And most importantly, the swimwear must protect against the harmful rays of the sun.

An older child will often prefer a beautiful swimsuit, a bikini or a pair of cool swim shorts as suppose to a bodysuit. Being able to offer the child a matching UV swimshirt or hat to use when needed it is my belief, that you will have a good chance of meeting your child’s wishes with the swimwear range from Petite Crabe – and your child will be happy, safe and look adorable in the sun at the same time.

Petit Crabe has focus on chic and minimalistic design, and the many combinations allow you to mix and match the styles to your taste.

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